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QotD: Selection

Question: What is your system's highlight color? (System Preferences -> Appearance -> Highlight Color on Mac OS X)

My Answer: Mine is currently green, having been orange for quite awhile. I grow tired of blue fairly readily - Mac OS X is very blue, after all, and it's easy to lose the selection amongst the other blue elements. I sometimes use gold as well, alternating among those three and a custom color every few weeks.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Selection"

  1. I can't decide if I like regular blue or gold better.

  2. Go figure, Entourage doesn't pick up changes in appearance until it's relaunched. Add this to an ever-increasing number of Mac OS X things at which Entourage flips the bird.

  3. I changed it to yellow probably within 24 hours of my switch to mac. 3 macs and 2 years later, still yellow.

  4. Gold. I love gooooooold.

  5. Green. One of the first things I do when I get a new Mac is change the hilight color to green (and move the dock to the right side of the screen).

  6. Ok, "green." Great. Is this the stock green or your own settings?

    Please do tell, inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Gold, I'll probably adjust it to more of a deep-yellow though.

    Too bad it doesn't also change the highlight colour for menu items (I would consider those a "selected text and lists")... *thinks about logging it as a bug*

  8. I currently have a light blue, fitting the more saturated used in the menues

    Used to have sort of lime green earlier but felt for a change a couple of moons ago

  9. "#C6C6C6"

  10. Mine is still set to the default blue. Then again, I still have the stock "aqua" picture set as my desktop background on my main monitor. (the 2nd monitor shows an iPhoto album of vacation pictures, cycling every 5 seconds)