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Golf Blog – Writers Wanted

I'm interested in starting up a golf blog. The only existing (from what I can tell) one has no RSS feed, is rarely updated, and sees very little traffic (based on the comments). I've inquired with the owners and authors if they might like to do more, and I can await a response for only so long before moving ahead with my own plans.

I envision a blog that covers news items from the major tours. Equipment news. Tips and Help. Opinion articles. Television coverage. I imagine a "staff" of about five writers, and I've got some domain names picked out. I imagine that, if kept up for a four to five months, loose affiliations with The Golf Channel or Golf Digest or Golf Magazine may be possible, and advertising revenue may be attainable shortly before that.

Interested in helping out? I'm looking for help with at least two things right now:

  1. Writers: clearly I need writers. If you write well, have a few minutes per day to write, and enjoy golf, then you fit the mold. If you're a woman or from Europe, even better, as I'd like to have broad coverage and bases for opinions.
  2. Designers: the site will need a design. I have something in mind, and it depends on the name, but I'm interested in paying (a little, granted, as this is out-of-pocket for now) for a design. Prominent "designed by" credit is desired, but we can work something out.

I've got a few domain names in the thought bucket, and welcome new ideas as well. Clearly, the domain name must be available for consideration. 🙂

So, anyone interested in helping out? I'll be moving forward with this if I can round up a few writers to help out. IM me or email me (see the button area, lower right, for each of these).

Update (February 1, 2005): The golf blog exists. It's at and it's doing fairly well. Stop by. If you're still interested in writing, contact me there.

12 Responses to "Golf Blog – Writers Wanted"

  1. Given that I was whoring on my own blog for design projects just yesterday, if you've got one, I'm game.

  2. I hope, in addition to the coverage you mentioned, you consider some coverage aimed at people new to the sport. I've just started playing in the last year, and could really benefit from the expierence of others.

  3. I'd like to see this happen as well. I've been a member of for a while now. They have quite a few of the things that you mention but it is more of a loose collection in the forums. Oh, and the site is pretty ugly.

    A free handicap tracker is really a must if we want to have a wide reader base since it seems to bring the people in. I'd be willing to give a shot at writing some pieces, if needed. I live in Mobile and play most of the courses on the Gulf Coast (FL, AL, MS) and have a bit of information on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail here in Alabama.

    I'm an average handicap right now coming back from a ruptured disk that didn't allow me to play last year and has significantly changed my swing and power.

  4. There are many golf blogs out there. Check out to see my blog and links to others. Although making money from the blog would be nice, the reason we write is because we love golf.

    Good luck,


  5. Maybe we could "talk" some more

    The blog in the URL I've given is part of the process of getting my latest (golf) book out there in the market.

    So it could be said I'm a writer.

    My previous book was about the corporate world and its cliches and I did a blog for that

    However just had to get on with my golf book. Hence the lack of postings.

    I'm Scottish born and live in New Zealand when I'm not travelling - Does that make me international enough?



  6. Hi,

    UK based writer with a keen interest of golf here. Would love to help out in any way I can.



  7. I've been keeping a little one for a few months now. I'd be game. If you like, contact me.


  8. Well, I'm a woman, not from Europe but grew up in a golfing family. My father is a golf pro and we ran a course for over 30 years. I also have three uncles who are golf pros and a golf course in Texas named after my grandfather, the only golf course in the U.S. named after a super intendant.

    I am a professional writer and willing to help, if you'd like. What exactly are you looking for?

    Keep in touch and let me know how things go.

  9. I'm in... I just wrote this great article on why Johnny Miller should be the next U.S Ryder Cup captain and am presently whoring it around with little to no sucess.

  10. I will be happy to provide some comments on golf club reviews and custom club assembly. Many years of expertise in the field. Stay tuned for future articles.

  11. A couple of things I've been pondering. First is that I think I could walk onto the tour right now in Palm Springs and beat David Duval in a round of golf.

    Second is a question about a stat I think should be tracked but that I've never seen anywhere. Percent of Purse. It would measure how good a golfer is overall by measuring what percent of all the purses they've competed for they have won. If you win every tournament you enter, you'll be around 20%. I suspect that the best player will come in around 10% maybe a bit less. I'm guessing Tiger and Ernie's number would have both been better than Vijay's last year. Anyone seen this stat anywhere? Anyone agree it would be a good measurement?

  12. Here's the deal guys. The site is available here: The Sand Trap .com. If you're interested in writing, contact me via that site.

    Thank you.