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QotD: iMac G5

Question: What do you think of the new iMac G5?

My Answer: I don't like how they look. I don't like vertically-mounted CDs. I think they look rather ridiculous.

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18 Responses to "QotD: iMac G5"

  1. they look "happily excited"? 😉

  2. The design doesn't appeal to me, but I think that's because we've been spoiled by Apple's other designs, which are much better. So the new iMac looks good in comparison to other non-Apple computers, but it doesn't look nearly as good as its predecessor. The previous design was beautiful -- this seems like a redesign just for the sake of a redesign, rather than for any good reason.

    It looks like a flattened-out eMac. They should have put a G4 in this and called it the new eMac, getting rid of the CRT screen and the bulbous really-old-iMacoid design once and for all. The iMac is a much more important product, and I know they can do better than this for it.

  3. I'm not sure what the fuss is about. It's simple, sleek and visually lightweight. The fact that it takes up less overall space than the previous design seems like a major selling point.

    I suppose you could make the case that it doesn't stand out as much as the lamp, but I'm not sure that was the goal.

  4. I for one like it. My current work area has a very small foot print, smaller than the 10" diameter of the 'swing arm' iMac. This is nice, small, heck even wall mountable. If I do go with one of these in lieu of a 12" Powerbook though I'm springing for the bluetooth adapter and going completely wireless.

    To me this just screams 'kiosk', which in my view is what a computer should be. It's an appliance. Make it look like one.

  5. I like it. I want one.

  6. You have to like that you can wall mount this sucker thanks to having an optional VESA adapter.

    Overall I like the design from the drawings on Apple's site, but I'll have to see the real thing in person to make the final call.

  7. iMac G5

    Erik wants to know what I think of the new iMac G5.

    I think they are ugly, a step backwards in design and functionality. I can already picture the cables jettisoning out of the right side of the displays. The loss of the iMac G4's amazing neck is...

  8. I'm not blown away by it. I really liked the ability to adjust the height (depending on my slouching), angle and direction (depending on who was watching) of the screen with the existing iMac. The larger serial ATA hard drives are a welcome upgrade, as is the G5 processor, but I'm not entirely sure both are sufficient justification for a trade-in.....

  9. I liked the G4 version better. More distinctive.

    These LCD-with-CPU things have been around for a while.

    Back in late 1994 or early 1995, in a lab at Swiss Bank in Chicago, I saw an LCD with a built-in HP PA-RISC computer, running NeXTSTEP. Of course, given the time, it was only 1024x768, if that, and would have been ridiculously expensive, being targeted towards investment bank trading desks.

    Still, the form factor is old news. It's kind of an obvious design.

  10. Have one in front of you and we talk again.

  11. I love the look of the new iMac. It doesn't seem like it's meant to be an upgrade to the old iMac though. Their marketing plan seems to be focused on converting Windows iPod users to Mac OS X.

    Using the success of the iPod to convert users to Mac OS X... they've finally done it. Lets cross our fingers and hope it works guys.

  12. I'd like to see how one looks with a standard assortment of cables attached.

  13. It's reassuring to know that there are some mac users out there that think this is ugly. I'm a PC user myself, and as much as I liked the last iMac release, this one is ugly. I, too, hate vertically mounted CDs.

    This release is definitely not going to get me to change to a Mac

  14. I much prefer the look of the iMac G4, although the iMac G5 is probably a better machine overall and I'd be much more likely to put it in the labs at the school where I work.

    Things I don't like:The big blank area under the LCD looks sort of funny,The stand isn't as cool as the iMac G4's arm.The vertically-oriented CD drive.

    Things I like:Doesn't take up much space.Reasonable placement of ports.Compatible with VESA mounting products (but requires an adapter which is not yet available and which will probably be expensive)It looks easy to open and access internal components, unlike the previous iMac models.

    I'm looking at replacing a lab full of Sun Ultra 10 boxes running Solaris and until now I was thinking about getting a room full of PowerMacs… but the chance of finding enough money for that was pretty slim. Getting a room full of $1800 iMacs is much more feasible, and I think these will be very nice lab machines.

    I still prefer the design of my iMac G4 at home, but actually this iMac G5 machine, while not as nice to look at, is probably a better design for the classroom.

    I would like it if they'd upgrade the video card, though… I'll probably still have to go with PowerMacs for our graphics class.

  15. The vesa mounting kit will go for $29, according to MacMinute.

  16. Anyone know a good source for affordable VESA LCD monitor arms?

    The only ones I know of are from Ergotron, and are pricy.

  17. Jon H:

    Here are a few names for VESA products: Techavice, Layer One, Omnimount, Ergo In Demand, ErgoMart, Monito rOutlet, LCD Monitor OnLine, Abbie Comp, Peerless, Sansus, Air Tech, ATDEC, Ergotron.

    Many swing arm mounts are not rated for devices more than 20 pounds. The 20 inch iMac weight approximately 25 pounds. You might have to spend a bundle for an articulating arm, maybe less for a static wall mount.


    Very astute observation.

  18. The Imac G5 is the sexiest computer ever put together. You are all insane and have no artistic eye. you set the ipod,remote,G5,wireless keyboard and mouse next to each other and everyone who sees it says god damn that is a sexy computer.