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QotD: Lack of Internet

Question: What's the longest you've ever gone without having Internet access in the past five years?

My Answer: Eight days - the past eight. Ugh.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Lack of Internet"

  1. two weeks

    That's how long my camping trip this summer was. (I think last year's trip was only 10 days)

  2. I think the maximum was 24 hours. And yeah, I am counting from back in 1995.

  3. About three weeks, when I moved and had to wait for the VDSL to get installed.

    Never before have I seen so many movies in a single day. Picked my way through two seasons of Farscape as well.

  4. Eight days - the past eight


    Well, not counting my 14days visit of Tunesia three years ago, but that was deliberal.

  5. The first sixteen years of my life.

    Since then, no more than 7 days.