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Mac Icon Designer Needed

I believe that our icon designer has gone missing, and so we (FSS) are in need of an icon designer. If you know of one, are one, etc. and would like some work, by all means leave a comment or get in touch with me directly.

We're currently seeking icons for MailDrop 2.0 and FTPeel 2.0.

8 Responses to "Mac Icon Designer Needed"

  1. I used for my icons. I was one of his first customers, and it seems his work is always improving. Great prices too.

  2. Umm what do you mean went missing? Is he on the side of a milk carton? But with all seriousness... what do you mean went missing.

  3. I agree with TIm - Bobby does good work and he's quite responsive.

  4. Guys, no more "me too"s. I've already contacted Bobby, and truth be told I was going to use him for Rock Star's icon but wasn't satisfied with his work at the time. If he's improved, that's great.

    But please, no "me too"s.


    John Hicks does some really awesome stuff, and his work looks a lot better than ScifHifi....

  6. The guy from Realmac Software seems pretty good...