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My Comment was Deleted

The only comments I delete are those that are:

  1. Comment spam. We all know what this is.
  2. Offensive, degrading, lies, etc.
  3. Horribly malformed comments that mess up the display of my site.*

That doesn't seem to be the case with Gabe, who seems to simply delete comments that disagree with him.

I forget my original comment, but it had to do with pointing out that Dick Cheney did not make a threat, but simply said that John Kerry may not be as stringent in the fight against terrorists - letting them rebuild and attack again - than the current occupants of the West Wing. The "devastating hit" would be backing down from the current war, showing a lack of resolve on our part to the rest of the world. Perhaps. Or maybe not. But Cheney's comment could only be taken the way Gabe took it if you are the type to worship "Fahrenheit 9/11" as The Gospel.

Kerry, when it is all said and done, has not shown himself (to me) to be a man of conviction. Nor, apparently, is my friend Gabe. Dude, grow up. People disagree with me all the time - and will on this post as well since I've once again said something small but negative about John Kerry - and I let their comments stand. Be a man and do the same.

P.S. I also remember making some comment about how the Democratic party seemed a perfect fit, given the ass Gabe was making of himself. That comment now seems ever more appropriate with the deletion of mine.

* (Edited 9/11/04) I reply to commenters via email when they post "bad" HTML so that they can format properly and resubmit it. Oftentimes I'll fix content that contains only mildly "bad" HTML.

I'm perfectly happy to let opposing views exist. I'm an easy target - I make it so on purpose. I like people to criticize, so long as they have valid points. Call me names - that's fine. I've got a thick skin. But don't just call me names. Don't just lie. Liars and namecallers without actual points have no place here.

17 Responses to "My Comment was Deleted"

  1. Get the facts straight, you called me in a name in that comment, so I deleted it. That's all. If you want to debate the issue, that fine. Just don't call sombody names over it.

  2. I said that you were making an ass of yourself. That's not the same thing as calling you an ass. You're typically very much not an ass. I very much typically can be. 🙂

    And I wrote the P.S. above well before you left your comment here. I notify people when their comment has been deleted, and tell them why. You didn't even do that.

    In the interest of full disclosure, Gabe's blog is hosted on my server, so the IPs are the same, yes. He's got his opinions, so if you like 'em (and if you're still reading my blog, you must), I encourage you to check it out.

  3. You're a dirty rotten bastard republican and I hope you rot in hell!

    Kidding. 🙂

    Personally, I really just can't like Bush. I can't. He's the first president, Democrat or Republican that scared the hell out of me. He worries me a great deal. But, I don't hate you for preferring him. That's just patently ridiculous.

  4. Cheney's comment is what it is. For what it is worth, Gabe has the comment correct, as the AP had it. Apparently the White House's transcripts had it that way, with the full stop, initially. It was later changed to include the comma. (See this Washington Post article for details.)

    Even with the comma, though, Cheney's statement is a causal one. If a then b and c. That's about the simplest deconstruction of his statment you can make. IF kerry is elected THEN we're in danger of a terrorist attack AND Kerry will mis-handle the response to said attack.

    But go ahead and disagree with me, put a little, what is it? Nuance. Put some nuance on that bad boy.

    Or maybe just agree that Cheney put his foot in it, and should say so. That we, the public, don't think fear-mongering like that is a responsible sort of behavior.


  5. "Kerry, when it is all said and done, has not shown himself (to me) to be a man of conviction."

    It could be said that Bush has not shown the same either in dodging military participation. On the other hand he has shown conviction in wanting to be dilligent about this "war on terror" but at whose benefit is the better question.

    One of the reasons I pop in here every now and again is because I love that you don't think like I do and I'm always interested to see how/why anyone could justify Bush. I respect and (somewhat) understand your own convictions even if I think Bush is an idiot 🙂

  6. My comment was deleted

    NSLog(); just beat me by a couple frickin hours to an article I have wanted to write for quite a while:

    The only comments I delete are those that are:


    Overly offensive and/or degrading (i.e. "bleep you, you bleeping bleep.")

    He the...

  7. I never said I disagree with you on the idiot part. 🙂

  8. Erik, just so you know I've never deleted a comment that didn't agree with me. My site is riddled with comments that don't. Yours is the only comment that I did delete that wasn't spam. I didn't like the tone considering you attacked me (my perception of the comment) before you made your comment.

    That said, if I didn't notify you about deleting your comment, I didn't realize that was a faux pas in doing so. However, I don't know why are you making a public display of something that could have been handled with better decorum had you only emailed me first and asked me why.

  9. I didn't attack you. I attacked your analysis of a quote. It's the same thing as saying "you're making an ass of yourself" vs. "you are an ass." Figure it out, man. They ain't the same.

    I sent you an email at 9:50 explaining my reasons for posting this. The hypocrisy in "had you only emailed me first" is rather evident. Had you emailed me and told me why you censored my comment, well… it just goes 'round and 'round, eh? Check your mail or something.

  10. Erik, you delete comments for a third reason you forgot to mention: if there are symbols like ">>" included and you prefer the blockquote tag. Just to make it complete in these fussy days… 😉

  11. Then I tell you I deleted it and have you format it the right way (which is easy, since my email to you contains your post in its bad-HTML format :-D).

  12. Erik,

    Have a look at my last comment in the former, then the latter. You changed this:

    Erik, my comments were addressing just the issue you raised, not your opinion. Admiration is one thing, but I don't like the idea of encouraging kids to have role models. It's easy to control the importance a child ends up internalizing about the need to be like that model.

    to this:

    Admiration is one thing, but I don't like the idea of encouraging kids to have role models. It's easy to control the importance a child ends up internalizing about the need to be like that model.

    Why the edit in that case?

  13. Matt, sorry, I deleted your comment in a rash of comment spam and put it back, apparently without copying the full message. That line has now been reinstated.

  14. In case anyone is looking to bitch, I deleted a comment on this entry this morning. The comment was:

    Name: hey

    Email Address:

    Comment: i thought trilogy was three movies retard

    I'm pretty sure I know who it was by the IP, but anonymous chickenshits have no claim. Leave your name. Anonymous comments don't get the consideration and weight afforded to signed comments.

  15. Don't forget my comment about your misuse of the word gay (which you ended up self-censoring, 1984 style.)

  16. Tom, you sent me an instant message - you didn't post a comment. And your comment here was edited to add a right parenthesis you forgot.

  17. Comments here are now closed. I've removed several from James and Brendan because they offered nothing to the conversation, contained an extraordinary number of fallacies, and were childish. They fall under provision "b."

    Move along, you two. You've got better things to do than make up crap.