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Cinema HD 23

I've got a new metal-beveled 23" Cinema display now, replacing my old plastic one. Everyone I talk to says the same thing: it's far less impressive than the older, plastic-rimmed ones. People in Apple stores commonly think that the 23" display is the 20" display.

It just looks smaller.

It's still mighty impressive, but I miss the ADC connector. Already there's clutter, clutter, clutter what with the external power supply, the three little cords taking up slots in the back of my display, and so on. Now my firewire and ethernet hubs are plugged into my display!? Whatever…

And it sure looks smaller.

4 Responses to "Cinema HD 23"

  1. Does this mean you miss your old one Erik? Or would you still recommend it? I too have been tricked by thinking the 20" was a 23" at first glance. Also, could you mention anything about the actual usability of it, did it seem any different on screen? (I know it's the same res), unless you didn't have the HD 23" before. . . .

  2. Stevie, this is backwards:

    too have been tricked by thinking the 20" was a 23" at first glance.

    The 23" looks like a 20". In other words, they look smaller than they really are. The screen on this 23" is the same size as the other one I had, and I recommend them to everyone.

  3. I just got a 23 inch screen too, last week, and I highly recommend it. It *does* look smaller, and like a spoiled child I felt myself asking for a 30 inch screen instead. Reality kicked in, and I returned back to ground level. The screen is great, and the movement away from ADC was a smart move because the screen can be used by any computer.

    The "touch sensitive" buttons on the side are cool.

  4. on a related note: i think i'd rather have two 20" screens than a single 30"

    i just love having two screens. i've gotten so used to it, even though it's two 19" CRTs and i have no desk left for a keyboard. 🙁

    seems funny to me that i'd save about $700 getting two 20" instead of a single 30" ...and i wouldn't have to have the 6800 DDL (so it's almost like saving around $1300. i could get three 20" screens!)