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QotD: September 11

Question: What, if anything, are you doing today in honor of 9/11.

My Answer: I'm going to live my life. I think that the biggest thing we can do to stick it to those who oppose our way of life is to live our way of life.

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6 Responses to "QotD: September 11"

  1. Right on. One-year later perhaps a big hoopla is in order, but as time passes, just keep the day in mind and live your life as a free person. There's no better way to piss off those responsible for the kiilings, as they are forced to live their lives chained to idiotic, radical religious beliefs.

  2. I'm building a few tall lego structures and flying remote control airplanes into them.

  3. The WTC memorial and Oklahoma City memorials are the dumbest things I've ever heard of. What's the new thing called, Victory Tower, Freedom Tower, or World Victim Tower?

    The FD & PD guys are heroes, but some of those other lawyer broker types who got killed were just sitting there on their butts making money for themselves. Why call those guys heroes?

    And what's with giving each victim's family $1 million? Lots of people with sadder family member death stories out there, who are much more deserving.

    Honor the guys by reading their names on CSPAN every year.

  4. I celebrated my friend's 25th birthday.

    She got a birthday cake with two towers on it.

  5. I also helped a friend celebrate his birthday. No cake with two towers on it, but some pretty raunchy jokes were told. That's about it.

  6. I wore a Pentagon T-Shirt which, if I believe I remark I got some time ago when the anti-american hysteria here in Europe was rising, can be "dangerous".