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Xcode/CVS Issue

CVS works fine from Xcode, but it throws this error all the time:

cvs update: inflate: unknown compression method
cvs [update aborted]: reading from server: Input/output error

What's up with that? I can use CVS from the CLI without this error. I'm using the stock CVS, and other people working on my project don't get this error.

I haven't found an answer on Google or any of the mailing lists.

4 Responses to "Xcode/CVS Issue"

  1. I ran into this problem a while ago with the command-line CVS. It was a case where the CVS server was running a much newer version of CVS than the ancient one Panther ships with. If I remember correctly, the specific problem is that newer CVS versions use a newer version of zlib which causes backwards compatibility issues.

    I don't know for sure if Xcode uses the command-line tools vs. its own built-in CVS code (could go either way, really), but you could try installing a newer version of CVS using Fink, DarwinPorts, etc. and seeing if that solves the issue.

    You said that you don't get the error on the command-line. Try using the -z3 or -z9 switches to cvs to enable compression and see if the error shows up.

    Failing a CVS upgrade, see if Xcode has an option to disable CVS compression.



  2. Crossing my fingers, but removing ~/.cvspass and ~/.cvsrc seems to have resolved the problem.

  3. After reading your comments, I was able to fix this issue on my machine by removing the compression option from .cvsrc (I had "cvs -z3" in there, don't use compression anymore now). Thanx!

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