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QotD: Scam

Question: What's the worst scam for which you've ever fallen?

My Answer: I once bought a "porn tape" that supposedly caught two famous women going at it. I knew it was rather silly, and I knew it was a scam so I didn't exactly "fall" for it, but it amused me to the tune of $9.95 (for a DVD no less!) anyway.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Scam"

  1. I bought the speakers from the guys in the white van.

  2. QotD: Scam

    Question of the Day: What’s the worst scam for which you’ve ever fallen? My answer: I was about 17 years old, working at a Blockbuster Video when a man comes up to me with some movie, a new shrink wrapped one, not the rental kind. He said h...

  3. I dunno if it qualifies as a scam, per se, but I got gipped out of an eBay auction for a Diablo II dual-leech ring that set me back $23. I paid and it was never delivered.

  4. I bought a home gym from Ebay for $700. I didn't get the gym. I did get a lot of calls and e-mails from Ebay, the FBI, and even my local sheriff though.

    I probably win this one.