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What’s This?

Something for PulpFiction 1.0.3…


Next week sometime.

7 Responses to "What’s This?"

  1. Will this be included in the Lite Version?

  2. I don't know. Yet.

  3. GIF is horrible on feathering. 😛

    But the favicon effect looks nice.

  4. Very interesting. Is this feature in response to any criticism about using a gui approach versus a newsgroup reader approach for PulpFiction? Just wondering, as I find myself creating folders to group some feeds so they don't get lost in the shuffle of the thousand or so updates I get a day.

  5. No, that's not why. You'll notice that it's a tab view, so we intend to offer "the best of both worlds." Personally, I'll never switch off of the first tab…

  6. I want this! 🙂

    I want this! Somehow, Erik knows how to make people drool ... !

  7. PulpFiction 1.1 is now available. This version includes a number of updates, including something mentioned previously here on NSLog();, the subscription view. It's tucked nicely into the folder view, giving us the best of both worlds. The complete chan...