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I've left off the first part of this article, but I've quoted what I found to be the funniest from an article called "Kerry Calls Bush Poll Lead 'Wrong Bounce at Wrong Time'."

Mr. Kerry, a Vietnam veteran and distinguished anti-war protestor who is also a U.S. Senator, said the "polls don't mean anything to me right now."

"A couple of months ago when I was leading Mr. Bush, the polls were clearly an accurate barometer of public sentiment," he said. "But now they're wrong, wrong, wrong."

The Democrat candidate said he if he were conducting the polling research, "I wouldn't have just done some things differently, I would have done almost everything differently. As a consequence, we wouldn't have had some of America's finest men bogged down in this unwinnable conflict--dare I say, this quagmire."

President Bush, asked to respond to Mr. Kerry's latest attacks said, "The W stands for 'whatever'. That's my response. Next question."


(I'm going to be on a plane today, so in my absence, please behave. Talk amongst yourselves if you must, but don't bother bashing me for posting this - I won't see it, and when I'm with Carey, I won't particularly care. :-D)

One Response to "ScrappleFace"

  1. No bashing here. I'm a Kerry supporter and I still laughed out loud when I read it.