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QotD: Small

Question: What's the smallest place in which you've ever lived?

My Answer: College dorm rooms are, what, 10' x 20' or so? Or 15'x 20'? Either way, there's my answer. And, I supposed that technically I lived in half of that space.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Small"

  1. The two most confined places where US Army barracks.

    First it was an 8-man room. I had a bunk, a wall locker and I could count half the foor space under the bunk as mine.

    The second was a 2-man squad leader room. Bunks again, but you could actually walk around a little bit.

  2. My college "dorm" (if you like, we call them Hostels here), would have fit a double bed, with no space between the bed and three of the walls. So obviously I only had a single bed in there 🙂 It miraculously then had room to sit at the desk in the wall, and room for an arm chair between the bed and the wall with the door in it. (There was also room in the closet for Lemmings, my "original" server... it was up for 120 days in there without interruption. It did quite well really.)

  3. Three tatami-mats... in Japan, rooms are usually measured in tatami-mats, which are approximately 180x90cm. My apartment in Kyoto in 1994 was 3 mats, hence 270x180cm and 22,000 a month. No air-conditioner though. I remember waking up at 2am one summer night and looking at the thermometer to find that it was 33 degrees. The location, right by san-jou station made it all worthwhile though.