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QotD: Printing

Question: How often do you print from your computer?

My Answer: I print things to PDF about once a day. I print to paper, oh, once every week or two - usually a Pizza Hut coupon or directions to a new place. Receipts and confirmations are printed to PDF and filed away (and, weekly, backed up, etc.).

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5 Responses to "QotD: Printing"

  1. I find myself printing to my PDA (via PDF) quite a bit, too

  2. I don't print hardly at all anymore. The last time I did so was when I needed to sign a contract that had been sent as a PDF and they wouldn't accept a digital signature. I went to Kinko's because my printer stopped working last year. I keep thinking about getting a replacement, but it's just so seldom I haven't wanted to spend the money. I'll probably break down soon as my kids are starting to create artwork on the computer and play internet games that provide cirtificates.


  3. I usually print 1 or 2 pieces of paper per month. If I had a better printer I would print more often since I get the ink for free.

  4. I print two or three things per week at work. (Not counting things like new account request forms for students to fill out)

    I print one or two things per month at home. Typically maps from mapquest or occasionally recipes.

  5. At home we print maybe a couple of things a year and since our printer is out of ink I just print them at work and bring the home. At work I print my time sheet once a week and others things maybe once a week.

    I used to print a great deal more at work but since printing to PDF is so easy I just do that when I need to.