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Yesterday with Carey

Yesterday's events in quick summary format:

  • Dropped Carey off at the high school at which she's student teaching.
  • Put down security deposit on townhome.
  • Visited uncle (the jeweler) to look at engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • Visited grandma in Bedford, PA. Went to Hoss's.

On the way home, we stopped to see some friends of Carey's in Cranberry.

Did you know that once, David Letterman rated "worst high school mascots" and my high school was second and Cranberry was first (the "North East Pickers" [grape pickers, that is] and the Cranberry Cranberries).

It was a beautiful day. Well, it rained and the weather was ugly, but I was with Carey. It was a beautiful day.

3 Responses to "Yesterday with Carey"

  1. Mmm ... Hoss's. I used to love eating there when I lived in Harrisburg.

  2. north east pickers - that IS pretty damn bad and good luck picking rings - get a good one 😉

  3. I went to Bedford yesterday to do three things: accompany my mom, visit my grandmother, and stop in to see my uncle. My uncle is a jeweler, and so my reasons for seeing him were quite obvious. Carey and I...