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QotD: TypeKey

Question: Will this entry force you to get a TypeKey ID?

My Answer: I'm so sick of comment spam - the simple flooding that can occur when I'm asleep for a few hours is ridiculous and something MT-Blacklist can't stop - that I've turned on registration (for now). We'll see how this goes…

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13 Responses to "QotD: TypeKey"

  1. Typekey: Choose or Lose '04

    Question: Will this entry force you to get a TypeKey ID? Answer: If I didn't have one, it might. Having a comment form might help a bit, though. 😉 Observe: Looks like a bit a a template error (Taken in...

  2. TypeKey

    Is the TypeKey service available for WordPress 1.2? NSLog(); just started using it and I am curious because I am too having comment spam issues here.

    BTW Erik, I can't find where to post the comments now, is there something wrong with NSLog();? I ...

  3. What kind of spam is being posted? Is posted by a 'bot or by a person? If the former, one of those images containing garbled text that needs to be manually typed in could probably stop it (and even if the latter, it would slow it down).

  4. I don't have a problem with comment spam since nobody visits my blog. As a matter of fact, my blog is so lame that spammers won't even visit it.

  5. I got one out of curiosity, but it gives me the willies because it is tied to the MT folks.

    As for comment spam, I get it all the time but so far WordPress has caught every single one.

  6. My blog is lame and obscure but even *I've* had comment spam problems. Not every day but when it would happen there would be 3-5 at once. The quantity may be relatively small because the server is so slow.

    A little over a month ago I renamed MT's comments.cgi and since then I've had zero comment spam. renaming the default "mt" directory where the .cgi's reside is a good idea too but I haven't gone to that trouble yet.

    That being said, I think TypeKey is a fine idea. What I'd like though is for blogs to be able support multiple authentication sites, TypeKey shouldn't be the only one. If there are multiple authentication sites, blogs need to support them all or else you end up with Balkanization.

  7. Eh, might as well get a TypeKey thingie. I'm not skeert of the big bad MT folks.

  8. TypeKey

    I read NSLog(); fairly often, and he asked on Friday Question: Will this entry force you to get a TypeKey ID?

  9. I have a TypeKey ID but I never use it since it FUBARs my nickname.

  10. I don't have the latest version of WordPress, so I just had to turn on moderation because my blog was getting filled up with garbage at an unheard of rate. I think people are running bots that just auto-post crap all over all the entries on people's blogs. Because a lot of the comments end up on months-old articles.

    I HATE SPAM! >:(


  11. Well, I work for Six Apart, so yeah, I have one. But I'm kinda curious... "I got one out of curiosity, but it gives me the willies because it is tied to the MT folks." Are we *that* scary? 🙂

    And Ölbaum, I've passed on the name bug to our dev team.

  12. Nothing wrong with TypeKey. It seems to be a pretty good system.

  13. Oh great, I go a month with no comment spam. I make a comment about this fact today an *BAM* I get one. I blame you 😉

    Continuing the TypeKey subject, this post didn't make me get an account but I did get one when you first enabled TypeKey support. It was the first time I had been presented with the option.

    BTW, could you add a preview button here? Some of us are less than perfect.