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Carey Plays Golf

Carey and I played nine holes at Green Meadows today. Green Meadows is the course I first played at when I was 15, and have toured the course in 68 before. It's tough for its length (about 6,000 yards) because the greens are smaller than many people's living rooms, each have a false front, and are typically quite firm. You needn't hit the ball straight, especially on the front, as the course is wide open. The rough can be a bit snarly and spotty at the same time, making for some interesting lies.

Carey shot 71, and I was quite proud of her. About 24 of those shots were putts. She had good form for someone who's never really played golf before - I think she may have uncovered a talent she didn't know she had. Even if she shoots 71 the rest of her life (and she won't - her putting and chipping have to get better, after all) then that's ok - we had a great time with each other. I can't say we wouldn't annoy playing partners, but we had fun together.

Eight is a par 4 with water fronting the green, and my 3W put me in good position. My 5I leaked right and I left myself with a very tough pitch. I laid open my new lob wedge, threw the ball really high in the air, and landed the ball just on the green. It bounced, bounced again, and rolled a foot into the hill. I raised my arms in the air and looked over at Carey, calmly practicing the swing for her upcoming chip shot, unaware of my rather handy birdie. Geeeeez! 😀