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Polls for MovableType

Does anyone know of any decent polling software for MovableType? One that can keep track of results (i.e. 43% say this, 35% say this, and 22% say this) and then allow for normal commenting through standard MovableType means?

I'd like to get surveys going on that golf blog I'm working on - a weekly survey or something - but haven't seen surveys used within MovableType very frequently. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Addendum/Clarification: The polling software need not "integrate" really tightly with MovableType, but just "work with" or "be usable in" a MovableType-powered blog. At the worst, I imagine a poll could be in and you could simply direct people there with an entry, but at the best the poll would be an actual entry itself within the blog.

I'm willing to bet that anyone that developed such a plugin for MovableType would be able to sell it quite nicely. I'd buy a copy in a heartbeat.

6 Responses to "Polls for MovableType"

  1. Why not use a "real" CMS like Drupal or XOOPS? I would imagine that you might eventually want forums and both of those solutions have them built-in. MT's fine for personal logs or sites where you need static pages but if you're looking for features it's not the top solution.

    And, no, I've not heard of polling software and because it would need things MT doesn't provide it wouldn't be very MT-ish. But I did use a PHP poll package a while back that was good enough for what I needed at the time. You might try looking for standalone PHP solutions (then just insert the PHP in your entry).

  2. This one has served me well. With a little tweaking you could have it do exactly what you want.

  3. I don't know of anything that can do that without using a non-MT solution, however it sounds like it would be a really good plug-in to develop. I know I'd use it at any rate. Have you given any thought to developing it, or putting a call out to the MT community to build something like that?

  4. a request for a polling plugin

    Erik Barzeski is looking for a polling plugin to work with a Movable Type-powered blog that he's working on. Given the success with DropCash campaigns for plugins in the past, maybe it's time to start fundraising for functionality again....

  5. Six Apart has heard my request for MT-compatible polling and come up with a possible solution: setting up a DropCash campaign to raise money for polling. I'd like to do so, but first of course we'd need to agree on...

  6. An older plugin of mine, MTVote, might fit the bill. And I have been meaning to do some serious updating to it.