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QotD: Car

Question: Who would you let borrow your car?

My Answer: Almost nobody. Carey could borrow my car when she wanted, but that's about it. I've let people drive my car back from the airport after dropping me off, but that's the extent of it. My mom has driven my car as well, and that's OK. I can trust her to have insurance, and Carey, and to drive carefully enough to avoid having to need to use the insurance.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Car"

  1. and Carey, and to drive carefully enough to avoid having to need to use the insurance.

    I wouldn't worry about her, but the other million morons on the road. Even if they hit her and she is not insured it'll be big trouble.

    In all, I try to avoid this stuff at all costs. I got to an accident once with my sister car (just a bumper thing) but I felt so bad for causing her all that headache.

  2. I'm fairly certain that anybody that drives your car is covered by your insurance.

    The flip side is when you drive someone else's car, make sure they have insurance, or you'll be screwed in an accident.

  3. I normally only let my family drive my car and my girlfriend drive my car. But I've also let my best friend drive it, as he has the same car as me, so I know he knows how to handle it.

  4. In Canada (or at least Alberta, where I live), the car is insured, not the driver (although, strangely, the driver pays the premiums -- not the car). Thus anyone who drives your car is insured. The good thing is you can let friends drive you home after one too many at the bar. The bad thing is, if someone steals your car and has an accident, it affects your premiums. I don't _enjoy_ letting other people drive my car, but I don't fear it.

  5. No one! Especially with my new Lexus! I let people drive it (kinda have to when I'm inebriated, which means people drive it too often), but never borrow it, as in it never leaves my sight while in motion!