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Want a Weim?

I'm moving to PA soon (October 10 or so) and in Erie, pets are simply not allowed in apartments or townhouses (not for an extra $300/month). My parents and/or Carey's parents were going to take Flint - my 3-year old Weimaraner - but now they are not. Screwed I am.

So my options are thus:

  • Find someone to buy Flint and take care of him for eternity.
  • Find people to take care of Flint for a year until Carey and I buy our house.

Neither seems terribly likely to happen, but if you're in the market for a great pedigreed male Weimaraner, let me know eh?

Of course, alternative suggestions are welcomed. We looked very hard for pet-friendly apartment complexes, but the market just ain't cut out for it here. I will never really understand what a pet can do that a small child can't do to an apartment. Bah.

5 Responses to "Want a Weim?"

  1. Sadly, it usually has nothing to do with the damage that kids and pets cause. The real problem is the animal dandruff. If you're running an appartment with carpet its really hard to get rid of the effects of the animal to allow an allergic person to live there later.


  2. Since moving back from Colorado, I've been living in my parents' house ... and I just started actively looking for a place of my own (after a brief sojourn to Europe). I'd gladly take Flint, but I don't know if I'll have a pet-friendly place (a must) by October 10, and I live in California (far away). I definitely plan on getting a dog when I move out one way or the other (can't have one now because my parents' dog, a Doberman, loves people but hates other dogs).

    Keep me in mind as a last resort. Weimaraner's are awesome.

  3. My parents are going to take him after all, for a year, until I get my house. So, all is well there. Pet dander: got it.

  4. I used two have to Weimaraners when I was in high school. I'd love to have one, but I'm living in the no pet situation you're moving to.

  5. Actually, it's the pet urine that's the problem. A kid can pee the carpet, and a dog can pee the carpet, but guess which urine stain is stuck there for life unless some rather extreme carpet sanitization measures are taken?