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QotD: Moving

Question: What do you hate most about moving?

My Answer: The expenses can be outrageous: breaking a lease, security deposit on a new lease, money for the moving van… it adds up quickly!

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7 Responses to "QotD: Moving"

  1. Great site. Best post with the story of your meeting up with Carey. GENIUS.

    "Ice Cold" Pierre Boulez

  2. Packing. Definetly packing.

  3. Having all mail stuff go to your new address.

  4. I don't like packing knowing that I'm going to have to un-pack within days and then putting everything back together.

  5. Packing is definitely the worst, plus I had to keep my cat from getting into everything and chewing the boxes.

    Dealing with movers is almost as bad. In the last 8 years I moved twice, from a tiny, expensive apartment to a too-small condo, and finally to my larger condo. In both cases, the movers ended up charging twice their estimate and they managed to break at least one piece of furniture. The first movers also told me on moving day that they couldn't take credit cards since it's a weekend and they also didn't take personal checks so I had to rush to get $800 cash that day.

  6. I'm with Etan -- it's the packing. I once moved across town and it took me 16 pickup truck loads (!). I hated packing then and I hate it now.

  7. Packing. The endless task of filling boxes.