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QotD: Weddings

Question: What's the most important thing to a successful wedding?

My Answer: A planner or someone who knows when to cut the cake, when to do the first dance, and so on. The last wedding I went to was nice, but not very organized.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Weddings"

  1. Q: What's the most important thing to a successful wedding?

    A: Having both the bride and groom show up.


  2. You caught me at a good time. I just pulled the bottom layer of my sister's wedding cake out of the oven. She's getting hitched this weekend. Two more layers, and about 10lbs of butter and several dozen eggs to go.

    Right now I'm wondering why me, a software engineer is baking the wedding cake for his pastry chef sister and her chef friends? Because she's my sister, she's the bride and its her wedding. Which leads me to the most important thing to a successful wedding: the bride. This is her day. Be real careful about saying "no", and I suppose, doubly careful about saying "yes" 🙂


  3. Some good music to dance afterwards. 😀

  4. A ceremony that reflects both the bride's and the groom's individual personalities and beliefs. Our wedding was performed in a small chapel on the Colorado State U campus with a close friend performing the ceremony and only about 30 close friends present. He made the message personal and insightful in a way a professional minister who didn't know us couldn't. I have been to many weddings and they were all too much the same. I have always felt ours was different because it was so personal.

  5. I am getting married next May, but I don't think that we'll be hiring a wedding planner. This could be disastrous. We are trying to have the wedding on a budget so we don't really want to add the expense of a wedding planner. This leads two to three women who haven't been through that many weddings in charge of the whole event.

    I don't particularly care about the wedding. I just want to get it done and move into living the new life after the wedding. Perhaps I have a bad attitude, but I am thinking that these will be two days that I'd be willing to skip.