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Seth Ellsworth

My friend Seth Ellsworth has got his site online. Seth is a:

  • musician
  • student
  • husband

Those three words are all synonyms for "poor." If you like Seth's kind of music, pick up his EP for only $7 and help to put some Rice Krispies in his tummy (a demo track is available).

Seth and I recorded a song called "Knock on Wood" back in high school for Carey. I'm going to try to find the lyrics at some point… the one or two recordings we ever made may be lost forever.

I'm trying to talk Seth into naming his next column "Set Hell's Worth."

4 Responses to "Seth Ellsworth"

  1. That would be an awesome name... funny.

  2. Is that the same "Knock on Wood" that David Bowie covered? Because that's an excellent song.

  3. I'm unaware of any other "Knock on Wood" song. Seth and I wrote this one.

  4. How ironic that you're writing on me on the day when I make my weekly stop in at the NSLog to see what my friend Erik is up to. Thanks for the props Erik! I know that the people at Public Information Film 604 have been digging the Erik's blog of late as well so keep up the good work!!