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Polling Plugin for MovableType

Okay, let's see if we can't get this thing going: a DropCash campaign for a polling plugin for MovableType. Here are the specifics as discussed here. The polling plugin for MovableType should:

  • integrate with the blog as a standard MovableType entry, allowing for comments and TrackBacks as normal.
  • assume that MySQL and PHP are available (bonus points if this is not required).
  • restrict voting by visitor IP or some such method, optionally requiring a TypeKey login to participate.
  • allow a poll to expire by setting a date or time frame (i.e July 24 or "five days from now").
  • show color graphics (bar graphs and/or pie charts) with legend/key once a person has voted.
  • offer different kinds of polls: radio button or checkbox style.
  • make it reasonably easy to edit without "breaking" poll results, though understandably this may be quite difficult if poll choices are added, their order changed, etc.
  • not require another plugin to work (like KeyValues) if at all possible (this one's not too strict).

That's the feature set as discussed on the post linked above.

If you'd like to see such a plugin developed, contribute to the campaign:

If you want to be on the advisory board to determine when the goals have been met, so that the developer who creates such a plugin can be paid, please comment here. I'll be serving no other purpose beyond getting the campaign started.

2 Responses to "Polling Plugin for MovableType"

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