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The Sand Trap .com

Remember that golf blog I'd mentioned that I was going to start? Well, I've started it. It's called "The Sand Trap" and is available at My remaining design goals, which which Erica Tesla is (supposed to be) helping, are as follows:

  1. Menu needs to align in FireFox (looks OK in Safari)
  2. Colors could be tweaked. I just used green everywhere.
  3. Fonts need attention. I'm not sure I want to stick with what's there now.
  4. Little tweaks here and there to some of the spacing and whatnot.
  5. The "back nine" at the bottom of the home page is hideous and needs an idea.
  6. Navigation works… but not on IE/Win. I'm not sure what to do about that (it's Eric Meyer's CSS Menu stuff).
  7. A little "code cleanup" and possible consolidation/simplification.

That's that. But hey, the thing is "open for business." If you're a golfer or know a golfer, subscribe to the feeds. They're up and running (that reminds me - they need some work too).

2 Responses to "The Sand Trap .com"

  1. Hi Eric

    With respect to your menu problem on IE/Win: There was an article on ALA that dealt with this. The solution is to add some javascript (only a few lines) that will add the necessary commands in IE but keep the code clean elsewhere.

    It works like a charm! You find it here:



  2. I switched to the dropdowns you provided, Johann. Thanks.