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It's official: I hate hurricanes. Absolutely freakin' hate 'em. This is just fucking ridiculous. I'll be living on pudding for the next few days, as I imagine my power - and Internet access - will soon be no more.

On the plus side, I used Jeanne as an excuse to eat half a gallon of ice cream for breakfast. Gotta clean out the freezer - again - right?

4 Responses to "Hurricanes"

  1. You need an excuse for that? *grin* Good Luck.

  2. For the first 29 years of my life I experienced exactly 1 hurricane. A few tropical storms, but only 1 'cane. Hurricane Andrew. Now in the 30th year, I get four fucking storms. What the hell?

  3. Well, it wasn't so bad around here. I feel sorry for the people up in Melbourne, they got screwed again.

  4. LOL! As soon as the power went out here, the first thing I thought of? ICE CREAM TIME! Had a huge bowl, and it was good.