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QotD: Sports

Question: If you could be a sports star, in which sport would you star?

My Answer: Golf, without a doubt. It's an individual sport, and so achievements - and failures - are very individual. It's also a game that lacks the, what shall we call it… rampant indiscretions by players. In other words, it remains a respectful game.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Sports"

  1. A Toyota Supra twin turbo.

    ...oh. wait, sorry. sports star. i thought you said sports car.

  2. Fencing, of course. Massive anonymity (can you name a fencing star?), yet you get to play with swords. What could be better? And at the same time, it's a solo sport. Plus, unlike golf, you don't have to deal with environmentalists complaining about golf courses ruining the countryside and poisioning the water table.

  3. Baseball. I enjoy team sports quite a bit. If I had a choice, I'd play either short stop or center field.

  4. Football (Soccer, that is)... Playing in Europe... driving ferraris...

  5. I'll copy cat here and say golf, too. What's not to like? Playing golf practically every day of the week, and of course spend some time on the range perfecting your stroke. And a lousy year for a golf professional is $500,000 in winnings (#126 on PGA money list right now)?