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QotD: Star *

Question: Star Trek, Star Wars: do you care?

My Answer: No. I particularly do not care about Star Trek, and Star Wars is nice and all, but George Lucas doesn't realize how absolutely horrible his dialog is. he's got to get over himself (he won't) and let someone else help with the last script (he won't). Ugh.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Star *"

  1. I used to care about Star Wars, but I got disappointed after Lucas started remastering 4,5 and 6. Episodes 1 and 2 did not help, so I'll probably go see episode 3 to have some closure and put it all behind me.

    As for Trek, I like the original series out of a sense of nostalgia, I am not exactly a Trekkie.

  2. I'm one of the rare geeks who likes both and I like them for what is good about them. Star Wars for its space opera styling and Star Trek for its usually optimistic hope for the future. Since I work at Star Tours (the original one in Disneyland), I sometimes wince a little when a guest holds up the Vulcan sign or says "live long and prosper!" I don't correct them though. I let their family/friends do that. 😉

  3. Ryan: you work on Star Tours? Cool. I love that ride. (I was lucky enough to ride it about a month before it officially opened, when they randomly opened it a few times for large scale testing) .. I only wish they'd film some alternate trips, as I'm sick of going to Endor with the idiot robot. 🙂