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Still for Sale: Raptor R/C Helicopter

PicRap30.jpgI'm still looking to sell this:

Raptor 30 v2 (49 Ball Bearings) Kit
  w/ OS.32 SX-H Motor and Muffler       $399.99
ProPod Training Gear                      59.99
Sportsman Flight Set                     299.99
Crash Kit                                 59.99
Futaba 9C PCM Radio w/servos             519.99
Futaba 401 Gyro Kit  w/servo             189.99
KSG Balance Kit                           42.99
"Ray's Authoritative Helicopter Manaul    24.99
$80 Goodie Bag                            -----
Total (will arrive end of next week)   $1597.92

The desperation price (I don't like eBay): $800 shipped. Half off! Who wants it?