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GrowlLike ecto, the next version of PulpFiction will feature Growl support. Growl is…

…a global notification system for Mac OS X. Any application can send a notification to Growl, which will display an attractive message on your screen.

Growl can be configured to activate as filter action. In the example shown at right, I've told PF to "Growl" at me when my "Golf" filter is triggered. The name of the filter appears, as does the blog and the title of the entry.

Growl is customizable, though currently it offers only two themes: the one seen at right and the one seen at the ecto page announcing their support for Growl.

3 Responses to "Growl"

  1. You had mentioned earlier last week that an update to Pulpfiction would be released soon. Any idea on when 1.0.3 will be out? I'm looking forward to the easier access to my subscriptions. Plus this Growl feature looks great. I'm so much happier with Pulpfiction then I was with NNW.

  2. We decided not to release 1.0.3. We'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.1 by October 6. Hopefully on the 5th. Sometimes you can, at your own risk (i.e. use a backup of your database!) find an alpha/beta/prerelease copy at No guarantees, warranties, etc. on that stuff though.

  3. PulpFiction now works with Yay. Scott Stevenson will be introducing PulpFiction 1.1 at tonights BANG meeting. The meeting is at 7:00 tonight in the De Anza 3 Auditorium. Yep, that's on the Apple Campus. New features include Growl suppor...