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SpamSieve Stats

Of course, I don't filter all of my email through SpamSieve - some are "safe" enough that I just route them to the right folders: orders, email from some of the people in my address book, and so on.

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04 8:00 PM

Filtered Mail
1633 Good Messages
5779 Spam Messages (78%)
164 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
31 False Positives
117 False Negatives (79%)
98.0% Correct

421 Good Messages
671 Spam Messages (61%)
57157 Total Words

326 Blocklist Rules
661 Whitelist Rules

One Response to "SpamSieve Stats"

  1. Filtered Mail

    1029 Good Messages

    3289 Spam Messages (76%)

    13 Spam Messages Per Day

    SpamSieve Accuracy

    76 False Positives

    117 False Negatives (61%)

    95.5% Correct


    906 Good Messages

    1354 Spam Messages (60%)

    109140 Total Words


    974 Blocklist Rules

    363 Whitelist Rules

    Showing Statistics Since

    1/26/04 10:13 PM

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