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.Mac Upgrade

dotmac_upgrade.jpgI remain a .Mac subscriber, and this makes things even nicer:

We're excited to announce that your .Mac membership now comes with 250 MB of combined .Mac Mail and iDisk storage. And, in another move designed to make life easier as traffic grows heavier and files grow larger, we've increased the maximum email message size to 10 MB.

The email alone is worth it to me sometimes, and other times it's the iDisk, the Home Page stuff, and sometimes just a nice way to store files I need to get to from another computer.

One Response to ".Mac Upgrade"

  1. iSync is my favorite part of .Mac, and it looks like it will become even more useful in Tiger.

    But iDisk can be handy for moving stuff around, and I occasionally use my email address for stuff.

    I don't use the web space for anything (I run two web servers already) except occasionally when I want to throw some photos up on the web without much work ... using iPhoto is the quickest way to do that, even if the website it generates doesn't have the best design.

    Having more space is always a good thing. 🙂