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QotD: AIM Icon

Question: What's your AIM icon (iChat, Adium, whatever you use)?

My Answer: Currently it's a part of a golf ball. However, I'll soon be changing it to something else. Previously it was part of the Project Builder icon.

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13 Responses to "QotD: AIM Icon"

  1. My buddy icon is the band "minor threat" on my eMac.... and an igloo on my iBook.

  2. On my desktop it's the BMW logo and on my PowerBook it's the Sturm Ruger logo.

  3. My icon is my very own head. It may stay that way for a long time.

  4. My buddy icon is Samuel L. Jackson as his Star Wars character Mace Windu for no other reason than I think he's cool.

  5. For some reason it's a "Need Cash for Alcohol Research" sign.

    I hardly ever change it since Proteus makes it such a chore.

  6. A picture I took of a friend's chicken 🙂

  7. usually, it's my face, but some times it's an extreme close up of my (non-strait) teeth. at one point it was an extreme close up on my nose, and at another, i had my 2 year old niece's headshot. last Ex-mas i did a couple of Ex-mas tree ornament icons, and then used them as alternating buddy icons.

    every now and then i go and revisit one of my older buddy icons 🙂

  8. A green LCD "3" excerpted from a photograph.

  9. QotD: AIM Icon

    Question: What's your AIM icon (iChat, Adium, whatever you use)?

    Homestar runners head right now. I rotate it from time to time, it's so easy to drag any picture into Adium. Adium does occasionally turn my AIM icon back to the stupid OS X gu...

  10. Mine's a picture of Salad Fingers' head.

    WTF is Salad Fingers? Go here, and be enlightened.

  11. some one please make me a salad fingers buddy icon for aim i cant find one

  12. I'm a new user to Proteus and am experiencing difficulity trying to change my profile icon that would show up in other users chat windows. Is there a database of these icons that exist out there that I'm not finding, are they specific to Proteus, and do I just go into preferences, my profile and drop the image in there? However, there's a little 'lock' that appears in the bottom. What's the deal? Don't tell me I have to register my copy to remove that. Please advise...

  13. Yup Karen, I'm getting the same problem. This is the only place on the net that mentions it too! Anyone out there know what's up?