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QotD: Porno

Question: For what amount of money would you star in a porno?

My Answer: Five million bucks. For that much, I wouldn't have to worry about going into politics, and as a guy, society is far less likely to label me a slut or a whore. 🙂 My (future) wife and I could do a lot with five million bucks - the interest alone would generate $250,000/year, and that's plenty of spending money (and a lot of golf).

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9 Responses to "QotD: Porno"

  1. i did my last one pro-boner...... pun.

  2. Check out Orgasmo before you think of doing this 🙂 "Stunt cock!"

  3. I think I'll better buy one of those Pulp Fiction licenses really soon now before we all have to watch Erik's freshly squeezed... don't even think of it 😉

  4. That would be the gay porno, correct?

  5. Chris: well, when I saw Erik's five million bucks statement, I had to wonder just how much of one's personal ideals one would be prepared to throw overboard for such an amount.

    But probably those five million bucks should be multiplied by ten to compensate for _that_ kind of social labelling...

  6. Guys, keep it clean. And answer the question instead of speculating on the answers of others, mmmmmkay?

  7. QotD: Porno

    Question: For what amount of money would you star in a porno?

    Well I really really doubt anyone wants to see me in a porno but in the name of the QotD I will say $750,000. I could do quite well with $750,000. Buy a house, invest the rest. Could l...

  8. I think that would depend on the porno, no?

    $5M sounds like an offer I'd need to consider thoroughly.

  9. $2000. I'm not going to spend any more than that to star in a porno.