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QotD: Moving

Question: If you had to move yourself, what percentage of your "stuff" would you keep?

My Answer: ~80%. I'm going to ditch things like my CD tower, my DVD rack (it cost about $30 ten years ago), and some other stuff. My stereo works fine, but I never use it, for example. I'm throwing away any paper type stuff that I don't need. I'm taking my furniture, though I don't even care for all of it, as Flint chewed one piece up pretty good when he was being "watched" by some friends two separate weeks. Hrm. 😛 I should start packing soon.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Moving"

  1. 90% of my furniture and maybe 60% of the rest - throw out all things you're not absolutely sure about. For me there is no "oh, I might need this later on" - I either know I''m gonna need it or it will collect dust in some corner or in the basement. For me, this is always a good opportunity to get rid of many things (which is also good because things that get thrown out won't have to be carried around...).

    And btw., don't forget to look for all those boxes - the one your Mac came in, that of your TV, ... can't find them? Yeah, now that sucks! I hate having to keep all of them because they are the best way to protect the TV and the iMac. BTW: how do you put a TFT iMac into a truck without its original box?

  2. You wrap it in a bunch of blankets, Ralph. 🙂 I've got a 36" Wega (before they became crappy) that will be a joy to move. I think it weighs like 400 pounds.

  3. I'd keep about 95% of my stuff .. I moved last year, and managed to get rid of just about all my useless crap then. 🙂

  4. Oh, and I still have the box for my iMac G4 .. one of the few boxes I've kept, and last time I moved I was very glad I still had it. 🙂

  5. I'm in the process of packing now (moving next week), and will keep most things and throw stuff out when I unpack (after going away for a week on vacation).

    Keeping things like the boxes my home theatre stuff is great, because then they all pack nicely away for the move. Unfortunately the projector didn't come in a box, so that'll be a fun one to move.

    Also when opening up boxes I discovered one full of bubblewrap. Perfect.