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What is Syndication?

I posted an article on The Sand Trap introducing that site's Atom and RSS feeds, and wanting to explain what in the heck "syndication" was to the unwashed masses, attempted to find a web page that did just that.

The best Scott and I could find is perhaps this page. Is there a site out there that explains just what in the heck "syndicated content" is to people? Such a page should probably be devoid of explaining what XML is and should almost certainly not display any XML.

In other words, a page my mom could read and understand. Where is it?

4 Responses to "What is Syndication?"

  1. The BBC News explanation is one of the best I've seen. It concentrates on what you can do with a feed, rather than what the feed contains.

  2. Here's a great resource your mom and your grandma can easily understand.

  3. Looks like someone beat me to whoring my own site. I don't think ours is that geared to your grandma, but more someone that knows a little bit about computers.

    Maybe we should work on that...

    Although, maybe the problem isn't a lack of documentation, but the actual format itself isn't mainstream enough that your grandmother and mother NEED to understand it yet. Safari RSS and Firefox 1.0 are doing something to deal with that.