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PulpFiction 1.1

pulp_fiction.jpgPulpFiction 1.1 is now available. This version includes a number of updates, including something mentioned previously here on NSLog();, the subscription view. It's tucked nicely into the folder view, giving us the best of both worlds. The complete change log is hidden "behind the fold." Click to read more.

PulpFiction 1.1 is a free upgrade. PulpFiction Lite 1.1 is also available.

ChangeLog for PulpFiction 1.1 (October 8, 2004)

  • fixed a bug that cause the inbox and trash's unread to not be shown if a new prefence file is created
  • fixed cmd-[] for empty folders
  • fixed cmd-[] for folders that only contain one unread article that is selected
  • fixed the trash unread count when trash is emptied
  • now displaying the currently selected folder/subscription in the window title
  • changed the wording of successful fetches
  • Added a preference to set the Activity Window's opacity
  • expanded the subscribe sheet with label and schedule options
  • added a status bar for the preview pane
  • set the state of the article list status bar to be remembered
  • added the option to delete unflagged articles that are older then x
  • added a check so that feeds with bad time stamps are deleted if either of the auto delete options is set
  • set cmd- and cmd+ to work when the article list view has focus
  • added open homepage for the article's subscription
  • html is stripped from titles now
  • added subscription list view
  • new search engine
  • cmd-click in browser honors open browser in background preference and external browser preference, shift reverses the background preference
  • option-cmd-click reverses external browser preference, background pref honored with shift reversing
  • added limited undo/redo
  • added user default for column position
  • added a stop all fetching option

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6 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.1"

  1. There's only one word to describe this upgrade: Brilliant! I know I had some issues with PulpFiction and that FSS was looking into them. I did not expect them to be addressed this soon, or to be resolved so effectively! Specifically, I horde all articles so that in the future, I can use PulpFiction as a launching pad for web searches in the future. The only problem was that searching with PulpFiction was taking a bit longer than I was comfortable with (though I have 20,000+ articles to search through). With this new version, searching PulpFiction only takes seconds, even on my lowly iBook G3 700!

    Good job and keep up the great work! Would any PF users like to chime in with their folder organization schemes? I had been organizing articles into folders based on their feed, but not this is redundant given the feed view. I'd like to adopt another strategy but I'm not sure what would be the best approach.

  2. I create labels for the various categories - sports, world events, Mac news, etc. - and assign each subscription the appropriate label. I then filter articles into matching folders (or subfolders, as "Mac News" is a subfolder of "Technology").

  3. Great Work!

    BTW, Is GROWL supported in the lite version. So far I've been unable to configure it...

  4. Growl is triggered through filters and actions, so no, Lite does not support Growl.

  5. I like all the improvements except removing html form the title. Quite often the title is enough for me to want to read the article and a drag & drop the title to Safari. Hopefully in a future version you might add this to the prefs along with keeping the folders permanently closed when dragging said title across the folders to Safari. I went back to 1.0.2 because the html wasn't working in titles anymore. 🙁

  6. RLD, the ability to drag the article to Safari should have been working still. There appears to be a bug from the drag and drop rewrite that's causing it to not work. Thanks for the heads up on it. The removing HTML from title's wasn't referring to it. Before it was possible to get a title that showed up as "artilce title" before. It'll now appear as "article title".

    With the v1.1 release you can still control-click (right click) on an article and choose the "Open in External Browser" option to open the article in Safari. As well as set preference to open articles in the external browser. Then all you have to do is hit return to open it in safari.

    Please send items like this to bugs (at) fresh squeeze . c o m. The odds of it being fixed are much greater if you do then if you post to Erik's blog.