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PulpFiction 1.1.1

pulp_fiction.jpgWell, PulpFiction 1.1 had a pretty nasty bug in it. It'd crash on startup if an article did not have a title. We were releasing an auto-released object. Silly us.

The fix - version 1.1.1 - is available now at

Sorry 'bout that, folks. We goofed.

P.S. Please note that by downloading directly, you skip the download survey, which has a nice surprise if you fill it out completely. If you're upgrading, well, the surprise won't matter. But if you're a new customer looking to buy, you want the surprise. Download it via the product page for that.

4 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.1.1"

  1. PulpFiction 1.1.1

  2. Hey Erik,

    Great stuff with the 1.1(.1) release! However, I've noticed two things: first, PulpFiction starts to race after a while. It's using all my available CPU time doing nothing special (next time it happens, I'll GDB it and send in a proper bug report).

    Second, deleting articles is slow, especially when I've selected multiple (like a dozen or so) articles to delete.

    Besides that, PF is still my favorite RSS reader 🙂

  3. Minor UI bug: The subscription column under Feeds in the drawer doesn't extend all the way across, truncating the feed names. Also, the column can be dragged, even though there is no other place to put it.

  4. Please send bug reports to bugs (at) fresh squeeze. c o m (removing spacing and the proper at sign) so that they can be properly handled. There's no guarantee that posting bugs here will get them into the proper channel to be fixed.