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QotD: iMac Colors

Question: What is your favorite color iMac G5?

My Answer: I like the one called "Carbon." It'd be awfully damn nice if they had actual photos and not lame renders, though. And yes, I'm posting this a day ahead of time - I'll be packing and hopefully driving to PA tomorrow (and the next day).

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9 Responses to "QotD: iMac Colors"

  1. I have to agree with you.

    The Carbon model is the best!

    The others are just too cutesy for my taste =P

  2. Yup, Carbon. I could possibly go for Steel as well, but there's not really much difference between that and a "plain" G5.

    I could possibly go for the green Envy as well. That's close to the color I call "assault green". 🙂

  3. Sorry for straying off-topic. I don't mean to pick on José Filipe, but I am seeing this more and more, and it's driving me crazy. José said, "I have to agree with you." He had to agree? As if someone had a gun to his head in order to force him to agree with Erik? What's wrong with saying, "I agree with you", or "You make a good point", or "I feel the same way."

    This is, to me, the most recent example of the continuing degradation of the English language. Yes, I know that language (especially English) evolves, and I agree that it should. But this is the kind of change that doesn't make much sense. Along the lines of, "I could care less." No, it's not that you COULD care less. It's that you could NOT care less!


    Ok, who's going to be the first to respond with, "I have to agree with you." I dare you! 🙂


  4. I have to agree with you Rob: it is rather annoying.

    I don't think a gun is implied, but I take it as this: you "have" to agree because doing anything but that would be like lying. In other words, you are incapable, as an honest person, of doing anything but agreeing. Something is compelling you to agree, be it logic, reason, or emotion, and so you must agree.

    So, I don't see anything wrong with it. Anyway… back to the color question. I still think it'd be nice to see actual photos.

  5. Steel. even carbon looks kinda cheap to me, but it would be my third choice. (White, Steel, Carbon.)

    Eric is right, iRideSnow.

    i HAVE to agree with you because i have no other alternative. without lying, the only thing i can do is agree. you have such a good point that i am forced to agree out of lack of a viable alternative.


  6. My english speaking/writing abilities aren't that good. I'm portuguese and most of my english was learned while listening to subbed movies when I was younger.

    Still, I believe the expression "I have to agree with you..." is used to emphasize the equal opinion one has to another.

    Your opinions are always welcome!

  7. Carbon or Prowler. 😉

    I wonder if they would be able to sell these customized computers at a place like CompUSA... that would rock. 😉

  8. I would have to choose Steel. When I'm in Photoshop all day doing color correcting, the Steel color would be a nice middle tone to help my eyes make color decisions in my documents where the Carbon would be a bit distracting.

  9. I'd like a nice very flat, non-glossy, black matte, or maybe a very dark grey.