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QotD: Gas or Electric

Question: For your cooking (oven/stove) needs, gas or electric?

My Answer: Always electric. Gas is soooooo slow. Yes, I realize that (supposedly) it leads to a more even cook, but the speed just doesn't cut it for me.

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13 Responses to "QotD: Gas or Electric"

  1. Thats odd...

    I love gas ranges. I find they cook MUCH faster then electric. I am not quite so in love with gas ovens...

    Perhaps its because I have not used any really GOOD electric stoves, but give me gas any day. For one thing, it doesn't take 5-10 minutes to heat up.

    Also, on the range in my parents house, the half way setting is the same temperature as the old electric's high.

    Or are you just referring to the distribution of heat elements on your food?

  2. Gas for the hob, electric (+ fan) for the oven.

  3. I agree with Alex -- gas stoves I've used have been much, much faster than electric stoves. I've been getting really frustrated with the electric oven at our new house because it's so darned slow, and it doesn't get hot enough either!

  4. Not sure what kind of gas you used, but natural gas is much faster than electric here... Fire = instant hot, while electric takes a while to heat up. I've got a gas stove, with a gas convection oven. Rocks. I'll never go back to electric.

  5. I said slow to cook, not slow to heat up. And most of the electrics I've used heat up within a minute (the stove) and within five (the oven).

  6. Dude, gas all the way. If you think gas is slow, you've been cooking on the wrong gas range. Talk to any chef. Walk into any restaurant, anywhere, 99 out of a 100 are all cooking on gas. And its not because gas has a more even heat.

    Its also faster to respond to input. If a pot on the stove starts to boil over, on my gas range I can turn it down and it responds instantly. I can dial in a perfect simmer very very easily. On an electric range I find I have a very hard time getting it just right because of the delay.

  7. For an oven, electric. Gas sucks for ovens.

    For a stove, I normally prefer gas. Natural gas doesn't normally burn as hot as some electric stoves can get, but it's much more convenient (instant temperature changes .. very important for some things) and I rarely need such a high temperature anyway. (In most cases if I need something that hot, then it can go in the oven.)

    Nothing is worse than a 1970s glass-top electric stove .. those things can take ten minutes to respond to temperature changes, and they're impossible to keep clean. I was unfortunate enough to have to learn to cook on one of those. Having to predict ten minutes in advance when to turn down the temperature on something sucks.

  8. I don't have a choice since we don't have gas hookups in my condo. I've been trying to find a new electric oven, since the one that was here when I moved in is pretty bad. All of the ones I've seen are 47" tall when I need one not more than 42" tall to fit under the back ledge of the counter.

  9. QotD: Gas or Electric

    I got a bit behind on QotD but I'll just pick and choose them till I get caught up.

    Question: For your cooking (oven/stove) needs, gas or electric?

    Electric. I had a gas stove at the last place I lived, and it was okay but drunk people someti...

  10. Suprisingly, in our college dorm's they had gas stoves. It was very hard to believe that they trusted us college students with gas ranges.

    Anyway, it was then when I truely learned to appreciate a gas range. The instant heat response is fantastic when you're cooking dinner and you have a bunch of things and you're moving things from burner to burner.

    Electric is better for ovens though, which is why there are a lot of very nice hybrid stoves.

    The other nice thing about gas is that it'll work just fine in power outages. 🙂

  11. For the stove: gas. Without question.

    Slow to cook? Gas isn't slow. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    For the oven: probably electric.

    Currently I have a crappy gas stove/gas oven range. Replacing it with a gas stove/electric oven hybird would be nice. But if I have the resources to remodel the kitchen I'll change to a gas cook top and a double wall oven.

  12. Will a gas stove cause a burnt look on the bottom of cookware?

  13. I love gas, but we are looking at buying a house that only has ekectric hook-ups. Is there a difference in cost to running them?