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QotD: Unpacking

Question: When unpacking, what's the first thing you worry about? Second? Last?

My Answer: The computer, then the entertainment center. Last? The bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom… any of those, much to the dismay of those who love me. 🙂

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2 Responses to "QotD: Unpacking"

  1. My guess would have been that you worried about the ADA first 🙂

  2. 0. The phone (I don't carry a cell phone, and someone might want to call me) .. labeled "0" because this is usually done a few days before I actually move (to test the phone line to make sure it is working .. similarly, there is at least one working lamp)

    1. Someplace to sleep (because moving is a lot of work, and I'll want to sleep before I'm finished)

    2. A small subset of my clothing (because whatever I was wearing during the move probably stinks, so I will want to change!)

    3. Furniture.. need to get it at least somewhat arranged before I can unpack much stuff. Bookcases, for example, should be against walls before I start unpacking books.

    after that, I don't know. whatever boxes are on top, I guess.

    The computer usually doesn't come too soon, because it takes (at least) a few days for the DSL to be moved to the new phone line.

    Kitchen stuff can wait 2-3 days (moving is a good excuse to eat out) but will get done before a lot of other stuff.