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Freshly Squeezed PulpFiction Theme

Dan Lynn submitted a PulpFiction theme today, saying:

I liberally borrowed the look of this theme from a really spiffy website that you may have ran across. 😉 … I've tested this theme out on the feeds from all my subscriptions and resolved all issues. The title links to the story and the site name links to the site's homepage. I didn't use any JavaScript in the layout - just pure css.

You can grab this Theme from the "Themes" page at the PulpFiction Resources Page. Themes contain subfolders with images, and "Styles" are just HTML + CSS (without accompanying images). The screenshot above also nicely shows off PulpFiction 1.1.x's new Subscriptions View.


If you've got a theme or a style, submit it! Just email them to, well, any email address @

2 Responses to "Freshly Squeezed PulpFiction Theme"

  1. Wow, that's awesome! That made me move off the CoolColourStyle design I was using before. It had an annoying bug with links and blockquote boxes that made them look rather bad.

  2. Dan has updated the FSS Theme he submitted back in October. The file has been uploaded to the Resources page (under "Themes") but, as of this writing, the updated snapshot has not. Two big changes include:The thin black outline surrounding...