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QotD: Duel

Question: If you had to fight a duel tomorrow at dawn, and you could determine the type of weapons you both would use, what would they be?

My Answer: Pistols, because I'd actually have a shot (pun intended). If I was at least as good as the other person using swords, I'd choose those. Sword fighting is a lot cooler.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Duel"

  1. Kimber standard sized 1911's in .45 with stock mags.

  2. Swords because I'd at least have a fighting chance.

    I'd rather be in any sort of battle with swords rather than guns. Modern warfare scares the crap out of me because if the other side has superior technology than you, it's highly likely that you're pretty much screwed. In ancient/medieval warfare you could at least give it your best shot and make some sort of heroic last stand.

  3. Nerf-bats!

  4. Fists. I'm mad as hell on early morning anyway. 😉

  5. large feathers! we'd tickle each other to death!

  6. If you've never had an occasion to swing a melee weapon in anger, you'd be amazed at how quickly they go from "wow this is so light" to leaden.

    I remember at boot how the 8lb pugel sticks felt like 8oz until we actually had to start socking each other with them, then it was like swinging a dump truck at a wasp.

  7. I pick rattlesnakes! At least it would be interesting.