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Golf Blog – The Sand Trap .com

So, the golf blog I've been working on is kicking around. You can find the golf blog, which I've named The Sand Trap .com, at We're working, day in and day out, to provide news coverage and more. We're looking to include a forum.

In the meantime, look over the existing content, subscribe (the feeds are in a menu at the top), and send your friends there. There's no advertising, so I'm not pushing you there for that reason. I'm pushing you there because I know a lot of people golf, and I enjoy talking about it. Leave comments!

P.S. We could still use a few writers, if you're interested. Some of the ones we have have not been posting terribly regularly.

P.P.S. Yes, I'm targetting "golf blog" as a search term to find this entry and consequently, The Sand Trap .com.

One Response to "Golf Blog – The Sand Trap .com"

  1. What kind of topic areas are you looking for writers in? I would be interested if you are still looking.