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I love how Boston is teasing its fans into thinking it can do something no other team in baseball has ever done, by coming back from 3-0 down to win a series. It's just a tease. It's such heartache. Heck, I hope they win game six, then get creamed in game seven. Boston fans are the kind that love misery - I think they'd rather lose than win, so long as the loss is an aching one.

I wanted Boston to win (and the NL to win the World Series) before they went down 3-0. But now, well, the storyline above would be more appropriate.

8 Responses to "Boston"

  1. Well said!

  2. This is an elaborate plan by Joe Torre.

    Wear down the BoSox bullpen for two games

    Go home

    Win 40th pennant in NYC

    GENIUS 🙂

  3. Justin - because you know, NY isn't wearing their own bullpen down at all, right? Please. And I hope I just missed the sarcasm in your comment, because it's pretty silly to think the Yanks lost the past two games on purpose just to bring it back to NYC. They would have swept the series if they could have.

    There's no conspiracy, teasing, or anything else going on here folks. It's two very good teams battling it out to the best of their abilities. Boston fans are just used to misery, but it's foolish to think we enjoy it or wouldn't prefer winning 😉

  4. Actually, Boston fans would rather win than lose, just like anyone else. Misery is definitely not something we love, we've just come to grips with it.

    And you're right on. It is such a tease, but the Sox have come back from some devastating losses to win these past two games and that effort really arouses feelings of hope. It's time the Sox broke The Curse.

  5. right on, craig.

  6. As a Red Sox fan, I'd just like to say, "woohoo!" See you in the series.

  7. Not such a tease anymore, eh?

  8. Okay, so I got the Boston bit wrong. I think the World Series will be close, but I always root for the National League, as my Pirates are a member. I always root for the AFC in the Super Bowl,...