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QotD: Comment Spam

Question: I've recently set the URL limit for comments here, via MT-Blacklist, to three. You can post three URLs but no more than that in a comment or it is moderated. If you are using MT-B, or if you could set a limit, what would you choose?

My Answer: I've chosen three. Prior to that, it was 10. I didn't want to block legitimate comments. But, quick analysis of the comments left since I have installed MT-Blacklist with MT 3.x shows that only one legitimate comment has even left three URLs. All others left 0 (93%), 1 (5%), or 2 (1%).

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3 Responses to "QotD: Comment Spam"

  1. You should really request logins. Even if you limit it to 1, people will post 10 comments with one link apiece.

  2. I have been getting hammered the last couple of days. Over 150 slipped through MTB last night. I had to stop using URL-based filtering to regexing every common spam term. My blacklist.

    Can you set URL limit in MTB 1.6.5 or is that just in the MT 3.0 compatible version?

  3. Just in the 3.x version, unfortunately.