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QotD: Execution

Question: If you were to be executed tomorrow, by what method would you opt to go?

My Answer: Well, electrocution and hanging are out. So is burning at the stake. Lethal injections and firing squads are pretty quick and painless, but hey, how about I just have Carey screw me to death? I'm not sure if that's an "execution" but it's good enough in my book!

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6 Responses to "QotD: Execution"

  1. Medieval executions were endlessly creative, but they tended towards the very unpleasant (drawing and quartering, anyone?). For painlessness, I guess I'd lean towards the lethal injection -- in theory, it's supposed to be like falling asleep.

    If providing entertainment for the spectators is important, though, I think you've gotta go with the guillotine -- after they're done, they can mount your head on a spike, which guarantees memorable visuals for everyone involved (except me, of course).

  2. There's a variation on the firing squad: A chamber that looks like an indoor firing lane. They strap you to a chair, then they shoot you from about 25 feet or so. The weapon is in a solid mount, so they fix the aim. One shot and you are gone.

  3. Death by Snoo-Snoo, I'd take that too.

  4. A ride with the space shuttle. And then later a walk outside. I see the earth, the sun, the universe. A last blink and my helmet will be opened by remote.

  5. Being chased of a cliff as in Monty Python's Meaning Of Life.

  6. Strange question! Well I guess I'd have to pick jumping out of a plane over a beautiful area of land. At least I'd go out looking at beauty. A variation on Booga's comment...since I don't like the idea of getting killed by space somehow!