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QotD: Halloween Costumes

Question: If you had to create a unique halloween costume, what would you design?

My Answer: I'd design a woman's halloween costume with a policeman's cap, a stethoscope, a blue blazer, a pleated skirt, fishnet stockings, and sneakers. The title of the costume would be "Every Man's Fantasy" - a woman cop, a nurse, a stewardess, a cheerleader and/or Catholic school girl, a stripper, and the athlete/cheerleader. Add your own accessories to add an additional fantasy or two.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

7 Responses to "QotD: Halloween Costumes"

  1. A Catholic school girl is your fantasy? I'm a father of Catholic schoolchildren, and so I wonder: exactly whose daughter are you fantasizing about? Or are you just pretending to be a pedophile? And are you and Carrie planning to send her daughter to Catholic school?

  2. I changed your name to "lame twit" because, in two words, "you are."

    I never said that a Catholic Schoolgirl was my fantasy, just as I didn't say a stripper, a stewardess, or any of the others were mine. You're living in a daydream if you don't think those are common fantasies. Duh.

    That pain in your ass is the giant stick you've lodged up there.

    And Carey's name is not spelled "C-A-R-R-I-E."

  3. I'm happy to hear that you don't fantasize about schoolchildren but only wish to help visualize the fantasy for all of those others who share in this apparently common fantasy. After all, our children haven't been sexualized enough. And if there's one thing we need, it's more predators out there who think it's okay to think about schoolchildren as sex objects.

    Just because it's "common" doesn't mean it's good. Or right. If you're going to be a father figure to this daughter of Carey's, you might start thinking about these things.

  4. Whatever, dude. Can anyone else think of any other cool costumes? Poster 1 and 3 clearly has chosen "stick up the ass" as his costume.

  5. i'm gonna be a fairy.. although i wanted to be a 3-b00bed alien. basically i would paint my skin green... do something crazy with my hair.. prolly black and slicked back... and wear a dark green outfit that's really tight and big black chunky platform boots or futuristic shoes. then i would mold a boob in between my other boobs. i'd probably have to make a bra for this.

    for my fairy costume i'm just wearing a lot of mismatched clothes, and an italian carnivale style mask... cute little kid's wings... i'm making a wand with a big styrofoam ball on top i can bop ppl on the head with... i'll have a bubble gun.. and i fully plan to attack ppl with glitter. i'm thinking i need a gold fanny pack to carry my goods ha ha

  6. I'm going as a narc: im borrowing a corduoroy suitcoat from my father, wearing a pair of jeans and some nice shoes, got a pair of aviator shades, put my hair in a pony tail, hang a fake cig between my lips and pack a cap gun in my breast pocket.

    I live in Madison WI though, so halloween is a little bit more of a "big deal" here than in most other places, and I've got a bit of experience putting together interesting costumes. The on thing I've learned after 5 years of Madison's State St Halloween party is to plan a costume that involves wearing a coat.

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