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QotD: Farting

Question: How long should you wait before farting in front of a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

My Answer: Forever. Carey seems to think that it's two weeks, however. 😀 (Edit forced by the one previously named: "We've been talking for six months, you butt!")

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5 Responses to "QotD: Farting"

  1. Never? Okay. C'mon Erik. You've had me beat for a week now. Remember? You were playing with your TV stuff. I was putting dishes away. You thought that I wouldn't be able to hear you over the clanging of the dishes…

  2. aww man. i say there is no appropriate amount of time to wait. let 'em rip - it's natural and sometimes, slightly amusing.

  3. You sir have a pretty cool girlfriend if she would let you post about her farting on your blog. Kelley would kick my ass.

  4. either until they do it in front of you ha ha.. cuz man once he lets one rip in front of me, heya it's ALL game...

    OR until it just accidentally happens or whatever. or i'm really drunk and i just fucken fart usually from laughing. tho sometimes you can't help nature. i mean if i ate a bunch of taco bell the night before and we're driving somewhere, i'm just gonna say oh shit we betta roll down the windows RIGHT NOW cuz you ain't gonna like the smell of diss air freshener hahahaha..

    if you are with someone who farts a lot, you just use their fart to cover up yours, everyone knows that. then its like you never fart. cuz they'll even think when you fart that it was them.

  5. Girls: forever, Guys: after marriage