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QotD: Milk

Question: What kind of milk do you drink?

My Answer: 1%. Occasionally I drink chocolate milk. Any comments referring to breast milk will be deleted, you sickos! 🙂

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13 Responses to "QotD: Milk"

  1. 3%. That's "standard milk" here in Sweden. There's 1.5% and 0.5% as well.

  2. I drink up to 4 glasses of milk a day, plus the milk in my breakfast cereal. Usually two, but sometimes three of those glasses are chocolate and the remaining are 2%.

  3. Soy

  4. soy. preferably, chocolate silk.

  5. i see you're drinking 1%. is that 'cause you think your fat?

    ...cause you're not. you could be drinking whole.

    ...i drink 1%, but i'm lactose intolerant, so i drink Silk more often.

  6. I don't understand these percentages, all I know is that I drink ultra-pasteurised milk (also known here as green-top milk).

    It's the low-fat variety, but only because it's the only milk we buy and I'm just used to it now.

    (But any sort of flavouring I add to that is good too)

  7. None. Never liked the stuff. So breast milk would probably be the only stuff I've ever drunk in quantity. If I'm going to buy the stuff, I buy 0.5% (which is basically white colouring added to water), and that's only for cooking.

  8. I should probably point out that the breast milk part of my comment was referring to myself as a baby. "you sickos!" 🙂

  9. I drink 1% because it doesn't feel as thick as 2% and because I got used to it in college. Prior to that my family drank whole milk, then 2% for a few years.

  10. 1%, but only recently. I used to be a whole milk drinker. And part of this whole losing weight thing that I'm half-assed doing led me to step down to 2% and then to 1%. There's no way I'm going to skim, though, cuz like someone earlier said, it's water with white food coloring. I still buy whole milk in small cartons to use for cooking thoug. Boxed Mac'n'Cheese is just SO much better with whole milk.

  11. Chocolate and plain soy and rice milk. I prefer the generic Hannaford's brand of chocolate soy milk -- Silk seems too thick and sweet.

  12. I drink the One True Milk: Horizon Whole Milk. There is no other.

  13. I grew up on 2%, so that's what I prefer. I'll drink 1% but I don't really like it. (It's great on cereal, though.)

    Occasionally I will drink some whole milk but I don't drink it on a regular basis. (Most often the whole milk is chocolate milk in glass bottles from Broguiere's dairy in Montebello. Hand mixed, lots of chocolate, whole milk, glass bottle ... incredible. The only thing which is better is their egg nog.)


    In the US we have "whole milk" (which is somewhat less than 4% fat), "reduced fat" milk (2%), "low fat" milk (1%), and "fat-free" milk.

    The names changed a few years ago (for example, the term "low fat" used to mean 2%) but many people often continue to refer to them by the old names ("skim milk" for "fat-free milk" is still common)